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The pencil – heart of the company

The history of the STAEDTLER pencil began many years before the actual foundation of the company.
Valuable know-how of the pencil-making trade had been passed on through five generations before in 1835, in the 6th generation, Johann Sebastian Staedtler laid the foundation for today's STAEDTLER company group.

PASSION FOR MATERIAL AND THE ENVIRONMENT: Our company's passion for pencils and for the precious material wood is still very much alive.

Good to know

STAEDTLER ball pencils

STAEDTLER was one of the first companies to manufacture ball pencils.
Ladies used these short, handy pencils to note down the order of their dancing partners on a small ‘dance card’.

These pencils had to be extremely small and chic to match the elegant style of the ball gown and small enough to fit into the tiniest of purses.
Even in those early days, STAEDTLER was successful in manufacturing thin, delicate leads - the forerunners of modern-day mechanical pencil leads.

STAEDTLER telephone pencil

In the days when hardly anyone had a telephone in their homes and mobiles were still unthinkable, people had to use traditional telephone boxes if they wanted to make a call.

To enable people to make notes while on the phone or to jot down telephone numbers, all telephone boxes were equipped with a pencil and paper.
As these often went missing, STAEDTLER came up with a pencil with a ring at the end.
This enabled it to be attached to the phone which, in turn, meant that fewer pencils went astray.